Under the Dress

Under Garments for Women

edressme has a wonderful selection of undergarments that help slim and trim comfortably. Whether you are wearing a dress, skirt, jeans, or pants, choosing the proper undergarments for women ensures you have the smoothest, most flattering fit. Clothing trends come and go, but one thing that never changes is a woman’s wish to look toned and slimmer. We try to address many common “problem areas,” so every woman can feel confident and proud of their outward appearance. You’ll find undergarments that control the tummy, cinch-in the waist, smooth the legs, and more

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The goal of slimming undergarments is to help you perfect your shape without anyone knowing you are wearing them. Carefully designed and expertly finished, each undergarment is made to lay flat against the body like a second skin to create a sleek finish. Even wear them under your most form-fitting outfits and say goodbye to bumps, rolls and sagginess - and no one will know. Our inventory of slimming intimate apparel is designed to not only be effective, but to also be comfortable as well. They are made with quality fabrics such as spandex, nylon, and cotton that move with your body, so you don't feel like you are restricted in your movements. You will be able to bend, sit, and move with ease. Whether you want moderate coverage or full, we provide the options to help you achieve your ideal look.

We carry some of the top-selling brands in the industry, such as Spanx, trusted by so many women, especially celebrities. Check back often for new inventory as we are always adding new and improved items to help you get the fit you want while boosting your confidence. The secret to looking great is out - whatever you wear, edressme’s undergarments are your ally in helping you look and feel phenomenal.